The Flower of Life/ Sacred Geometry Acrylic Painting Class

Experience the meditative aspect of creative art using one of the key patterns in sacred geometry. This class, lead by Kiki Kiana will incorporate a pattern of sacred geometry called the Flower of Life. Enjoy the feeling that comes from using both side of the brain as you listen to tranquil music. With NO WORRIES! Just follow along, express yourself, and paint what you feel. It will be YOUR own beautiful expression. Limited Space Available, purchase now to reserve your spot.

Art Supplies you will need for class available in the Muse Shop Online (or you can bring your own):

  • 12″ x12″ Canvas
  • Muse Acrylic Painting Kit

Location: Sunshine Therapeutics,  Waynesville, Ohio,

For more details and to book your class choose a date below. Space is limited so must preregister for all classes.


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